A month long phone detox? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

Many of us are walking zombies, slave to our mobile phones. When our phones ring, we drop everything to answer. When a notification comes through, we jump to see who it is. Being an entrepreneur for approximately seven years and a project manager prior to that, meant that my phone was always pinging, to the point where I felt anxious. Over the years I had to develop strategies to cope with this, because of course, how can I live without a phone?!? It has been eight years since I keep my phones on silent – not even vibrations and I recently changed to no light notifications so that I am not distracted by that small continuously flashing light, calling my name to come on over and pick up the phone to see who messaged me. I started turning my data off or my phone off during important times of the day when I needed to work undisturbed. Additionally, during these periods where I needed no distractions, I would schedule one moment in the day to check messages, usually in the evening after completing all my critical tasks, inclusive of exercise and a healthy dinner.

Even though I had a consistent plan, I felt like all these strategies were not enough to cure me from phone-it is.  The flood of messages that came through when I put my phone back on gave me a panic attack.  I felt like there must be a better way, so I decided to factory reset my phone – BYE BYE EVERYTHING! Then, I said hey, now that there is nothing, let me keep my phone off for a month and see how I cope.


During this period, I successfully completed my Health and Wellness training, and set up my website, designed some magnificent tools and was so much more productive. I cultivated a wonderful daily routine which allowed me to be my very best self. I took daily walks for exercise and for fun which gave me great clarity! I visited many amazing places like Adelaide, Gold Coast and Airlie Beach in Australia. I returned home with a happiness and vibrancy that everything is working out for good! My phone can stay dead for the rest of my life and I will be happy!

Would you give it a try? Try a phone detox – if not for one month – try a day, or a few hours that you need for yourself per day – whether it is first thing in the morning while you pray, meditate, exercise and journal or in the evening, when you need to de-stress – have a warm bath, read a good book, journal and meditate before bed.

Share in the comments section how you feel before and after this exercise.

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