WATER. Is a GALLON A DAY really necessary?

It is easy for us to forget to drink a truck-load of water. Busy days. Busy nights. Always rushing. Who gets the time to actually sit down and drink a whole glass of water? Much more for 1 GALLON OF WATER PER DAY! Well that’s my goal!

A WHOLE GALLON! Yes, I said it! A WHOLE GALLON! I decided to take it in bite size steps of 1.5L bottles. A minimum of 3 per day, will get me to 4.5 Litres per day. A gallon is 4 litres. So with 3 bottles per day, I have surpassed my goal with flying colours!

First things first. I have found this challenge much more doable when it is done in a fixed location – whether you are working from home or at an office, it works well. However, if you are scheduled to be on the road, in between events – PROCEED WITH CAUTION! I REPEAT, PROCEED WITH CAUTION!

For me, working from home allowed me to drink more than a gallon of water per day. It helps that my desk at the moment is next to a bathroom (yes, you will need to use the bathroom very often when you first do this challenge). When I am at the office, or on the road, it is more difficult for me to remember to drink water or to refill my water bottle. If I am on the road, finding public bathrooms can be difficult.

So what do I do on these days to ensure that I still meet my water goals? Simply put, I wake up extra early and ensure that I drink at least 1.5 litres of water, a minimum of one hour before I leave home, but two to three hours before is much safer. I fill my bottle and drink this throughout the day slowly. This minimizes sudden urges to use the bathroom all the time. At night, I round off with another 1.5 litres of water, at least one hour before going to bed. This ensures that I am not waking up throughout the night to go to the bathroom.

Why 1 Gallon of water?

For one, I was feeling horribly thirsty all the time. I felt tired. At times, I felt confused throughout the day and loved a good binge eat. Water helps to curb my appetite, so that I don’t make unhealthy eating choices. It prevents acne flare ups and breakouts. It increased my clarity. Also, it improved digestion. I feel happier and healthier. Thank you WATER! Would you try this water challenge? Comment below and let me know!

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