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Hi Lovely! I am Nolana Lynch.

A Holistic Success Expert and multiple award winning Founder and CEO of Eco-Truffles. 

I am passionate about supporting you connect with your true love; come alive with energy and be happy, passionate and purpose-filled for the rest of your life!

It brings me great joy to create cutting-edge products and programmes that truly help you find your core purpose, overcome stress, burnout and weight issues, re-connect with your inner being and fire you up to lovingly live an authentic life where all your dreams come true!

“Goodbye Stressors! I have peace and joy like never before!”

I too once suffered from chronic fatigue, burn out and stress! Until I learnt how to take care of myself and CREATE A LIFE THAT TRULY MADE ME HAPPY; ONE THAT ENERGIZED MY SOUL AND INCORPORATED EVERYTHING I LOVED WITH A LIFESTYLE AND PACE THAT I ENJOYED! Step by step, I restored my life. I gained clarity, bountiful energy and effortlessly lost all the weight I put on! I became a brand new woman! I am living my best life – one that aligns with my purpose, my desired lifestyle and preferred income! I totally fell in love with my life! I have new found energy and I am overflowing with creativity.

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